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New project from September 2020

Digital Wellbeing Tameside and Glossop is supported by local NHS organisations and a range of other partners and aims to help people who don’t have access to technology. In addition to refurbishing and redistributing digital devices, PCrefurb will also provide training to support people to develop their skills and confidence in using devices to for day-to-day activities that improve their health and wellbeing.

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Digital Wellbeing Project
Digital Wellbeing

One aim of the Digital Wellbeing project is to train up a network of Digital Champions who will help people with a variety of needs within our communities to develop their digital skills and confidence in using devices to access online services. People can also be referred into the project to receive equipment only, should not having the means to purchase their own be the obstacle preventing them accessing the digital world.

In an increasingly digital age, those who are not engaging effectively online are at risk of being left behind. In the UK that currently amounts to 10% of the population.

Technological change means that digital skills are increasingly important for connecting with others, accessing information and services and meeting the changing demands of the workplace and economy. This is leading to a digital divide between those who have access to information and communications technology and those who do not, giving rise to inequalities in access to opportunities, knowledge, services and goods.

Our Digital Wellbeing project addresses one of PCrefurb’s founding objectives: to help bridge the digital divide in order to reduce inequalities and support the most disadvantaged in our communities.

To enquire about our Digital Wellbeing project please contact our Digital Wellbeing Project Manager.

Digital Wellbeing

Health App Project

A pilot project run by The Bureau and PCrefurb to help patients use specific health apps.

Core Training and Support

PCrefurb provides both basic computer skills training and more specific IT support for visitors to our weekly workshops. We are a member of the Online Centres Network, a UK-wide network aiming to help people use digital technology to become more included, access essential services and take advantage of the opportunities the internet provides.
Our centre number is: 8006339

You can use our centre number above to sign up to free resources such as Learn My Way and Make It Click. There is a vast range of material to help you get online right from starting to use your computer or device, to online basics, video calling, online shopping and much more.

Learn My Way

Examples of the help we have given are:

  • helping to send emails;
  • helping to book medical appointments;
  • showing how to lay out a document using a word processor;
  • researching and installing software for someone with visual impairment;
  • researching voice control for a web browser;
  • ordering and installing a new laptop battery.

We do our best to address the needs of anyone in our local community that approaches us for IT help.


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