About PCrefurb

PCrefurb was constituted in 2018 as an independent not-for-profit community group with the aim of engaging the IT skills of vulnerable and hard-to-reach individuals to “rescue” unwanted IT equipment for those in need. We are based in Glossop in the High Peak of Derbyshire. The group is managed by a committee of volunteers and participants. As of March 2019 the group is in the process of establishing itself as a charity.

Our Objectives

Recycled computers
  • To refurbish and recycle unwanted donated IT equipment to help prevent it being thrown away.
  • To harness and enhance participants’ IT skills and provide an opportunity for them to work together, to share their skills and improve their communications skills and prospects.
  • To provide refurbished IT equipment at little or no cost to charities, community groups and individuals without access to IT or the means to acquire it.
  • To provide informal training and advice for anyone who needs support using IT.

Our Activities

We hold a weekly workshop where volunteers and participants work on logging donations, refurbishing IT equipment and helping each other and visitors to use their computers or other devices. Examples of some of our activities include:

  • Establishing the specification of a computer ready for logging.
  • Rebuilding a computer – adding a new power supply, replacing a CD drive, adding extra RAM.
  • Wiping hard discs to industry standard, installing operating systems.
  • Cleaning computers ready for re-donation.
  • Reinforcing how to use email software.
  • Learning what is normal when starting up and shutting down a computer.
  • Discussing and offering options for voice control on a computer.
  • Installing software for a Visually Impaired customer to copy his music to a USB stick.

Ongoing Achievements

  • Providing a safe, comfortable and welcoming environment for participants and visitors.
  • Inviting donations of unwanted computer equipment for repair and refurbishment.
  • Working closely with local business to obtain donations of equipment which would otherwise be scrapped.
  • Following WEEE Directives where we are unable to reuse equipment.
  • Bridging the digital divide giving tuition to people so that they can use IT for things such as booking medical appointments.
  • Accepting individuals who have been referred into the group through other organisations such as drug and alcohol services and life skills courses.
  • Developing and encouraging these individuals to build their self-belief and confidence in their ability to succeed.
  • Providing refurbished equipment to organisations and individuals who otherwise could not afford such items e.g. after school clubs, a special needs group and a children’s group in India.