Ed Kelly – Chair of Trustees

“I was working for the Bureau delivering the Life Skills Course. During this time, I started to work alongside Owen Dack and we began to meet on a weekly basis for a chat and a coffee. We shared an interest in science fiction and gadgets. During one of our meetings Owen said he had an idea to get hold of unwanted computers refurbish them and give them to those in need. It was one of those Eureka moments. With fantastic support from Sophie and team at the Bureau, Mary and Tony, my fellow Trustees, all our wonderful members and volunteers, Helen, our Project Manager, the Labour Club in Glossop and so many more supporters that we can’t mention them all,  we have managed to realise Owen’s vision and to develop and expand PCrefurb. It’s an absolute honour and pleasure to be the Chair working along such motivated and caring individuals.”

Mary Jessop – Treasurer

“I first became involved with PCrefurb when I started to attend the session with a young adult who had some complex needs. The young person in question settled well at the group and developed his understanding of computers and equipment whilst forming new friendships. I was impressed with the kindness and understanding shown to the young person. I quickly became aware that there was a wide range of people attending the group who were gaining in confidence, whilst also improving their own personal well-being.
“Ed Kelly a fellow Trustee ‘twisted my arm’ and, before I knew it, I was helping with finances for the group.  This quickly led to applying for grants and increasing the finances to enable the expansion of the group and the employment of a project manager. I am happy to have had the opportunity to meet and work with such wonderful people and watch the group grow and develop into a wonderful charity which serves the people and groups of our local area. ”

Tony Shelton – Secretary

“I became involved with PCrefurb soon after I moved to Glossop and soon after the idea emerged from the Bureau’s Life Skills course.  I was asked to help out and the idea of refurbishing and recycling computers strongly appealed to me. I am no IT expert – I able to use a computer but little more; and I don’t have much idea of what our skilled volunteers do. But PCrefurb is as much about helping people as it is about IT – our volunteers, those we teach and advise and the recipients of our refurbished equipment. The concept ticks so many boxes and the support and goodwill we have received from local people and all sectors shows how popular and important it is. The opportunity to help develop such a project in such good company is still irresistible.”

Steve Lafferty – Trustee

“After mentoring at The Bureau for a short period of time I was asked by Ed Kelly (Chair of Trustees) to help and support PCrefurb in November 2019. This was a useful exercise to gain an understanding of the valuable work the Charity was doing in helping very vulnerable adults of all ages back into the community. I was struck by the way that Ed, Mary and Tony (as Trustees) together with the Project Manager Helen and all the volunteers were so enthusiastic and very supportive as a team. Soon afterwards Ed asked if I could support the Charity further by becoming a Trustee and utilising my experience engaging larger corporate organisations for their support. The aims, benefits and support the Charity offers for both individuals, and many other organisations it helps, is completely in line with the work I have done over many years and wish to continue. To watch individuals (with their own issues) gain confidence over time and to then observe them help other vulnerable adults during the workshops is a win-win situation that makes the PCrefurb Charity work so rewarding and key to the Community. “

Russell Gard – Trustee

“I have a 15 year background in bus operations, and then bought into and started a few small specialist IT companies including the latest, React Accessibility. I found out about The Bureau from my wife and our good friend Charlotte and identified immediately with its ethos and practices. COVID gave me the opportunity to volunteer and fill gaps in provision (so it was good for someone!) and let me get to know how committed the team is.
I am passionately committed to social activism in its most focussed sense – helping individuals reach their full potential and believe that access to IT is part of that. I have undertaken several aid projects offering support or sustainable opportunities to children, women and the victims of war.
Being a PCrefurb Trustee is an exciting opportunity to help and support people in what is a superb place to live.”

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