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A welcome from our Ambassador, Brett Casterton

“Hi, I’m Brett, Founder of Inology IT and PCrefurb Ambassador. Thank you for your interest in the work of PCrefurb. I have been supporting this charity since 2020 and I am fully committed to their mission of ‘bridging the digital divide’. Being excluded from the digital world due to poverty or a lack of digital skills means you are at an extreme disadvantage when so much of life is now online.

Please consider donating your used IT devices or make a cash donation.

Get involved, make a difference, change lives.”


Good for your business

We can supply you with direct evidence of how your company is changing lives, providing you with:

  • A press release announcing your support.
  • A case study detailing how your donation has benefitted the community.
  • A feature on our social media platforms.
MBH donation

“We’re thrilled to have donated the first batch of laptops to PCrefurb to support their mission of bridging the digital divide.”
(MBH Global Ltd. CO Founder Dean Ivell)


Good for your community

PCrefurb works with over 100 organisations that support disadvantaged individuals. These are people living in our community who might be coping with ill health or disability, addiction, a criminal record, long term unemployment, homelessness or other challenges.

Being enabled to access the online world means that they can receive the support and information that most people take for granted.

Crossroads Derbyshire


Good for the environment

Nobody wants to see IT equipment going into landfill when it can be refurbished and passed onto someone in need. Our staff-led team of trained volunteers at our weekly workshops ensure that donated equipment is erased, tested and made ready to redistribute.

We are able to calculate the estimated quantity of CO2e saved by refurbishing and reusing equipment rather than buying new. In the 12 months to April 2024 we saved around 139 tonnes of CO2e, roughly equivalent to driving 70 petrol cars or growing 7000 trees for a year. (Sources available.)

How to help

Laptop, tablet, phone

Donate equipment

Unwanted laptops, phones and tablets can be refurbished and reused. What may no longer be suitable for your business could provide a lifeline for someone who has no way to get online.

We use ADISA Certified data erasure methods, ensuring we meet the highest global standards.

Donate money

Donate money

It could cost us around £25 to replace parts in a laptop that would otherwise be thrown away, extending its usefulness for someone who is digitally excluded.

A donation of £100 could help us refurbish between 5 and 10 laptops.

Some of the organisations we support

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Need to know more?

Please get in touch if you want more information about what we do and how we could work together to ‘bridge the digital divide’. Thank you.

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