What is ChromeOS Flex?

Updated 1/3/2024

ChromeOS Flex is an operating system from Google that can be installed on a huge variety of laptops and desktop computers. As refurbishers it allows us to make use of many devices that would otherwise have to be thrown away and recycled. We can extend their usefulness by installing this lightweight cloud-based operating system making them ready to give them to people and groups most in need.

With a Google account, a user can access all their existing Google services through ChromeOS Flex – it will synchronise their email, contacts, photos, calendars, meetings, files and much more.

No Google account? Use a ChromeOS Flex device to browse the internet and access services online as a Guest user, or to create a new Google account.

Is it as good as…?

Office programs

Google Docs is a fully-featured free office suite with programs for word processing, creating spreadsheets, slide presentations, creating forms and more. Files can be exported in all the common file formats.

Online meetings

Google Meet is a built-in video conferencing app, and Chrome extensions for popular platforms like Zoom are readily available.


Access any email account through the Chrome browser or Gmail app.

Cloud storage

Log in with a Google account and access all your files in the cloud, automatically save and back up files on Google Drive.

Virus protection

Malware and virus protection is built in to ChromeOS Flex. Its main protection comes from the fact that executable files (.exe) cannot be run on ChromeOS devices.

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