Project: Citizens Advice Bureau

Bespoke video display systems

An initial request for a laptop soon become something else entirely! We ended up providing 6 systems comprising a monitor and Raspberry Pi.

Citizens Advice say thank-you to the Glossop PCrefurb project.
When we at Citizens Advice wanted to put screens in the waiting rooms of our offices we approached the PCrefurb project to see if it could supply us with a used laptops as a first step. However, after discussions with the manager, Helen, we were offered a level of help that took us from the basic request for help sourcing a laptop through to a fully operational system – all in a matter of weeks!
Helen asked us what we were trying to do, listened carefully, then looked at the resources we wanted to display – which were free to use via Google. However, as the resources were on software we were not licensed to run, she captured the resources using free video software which could be played on a basic Raspberry Pi computer.
After we explained that we needed a system that would look after itself from the start to the end of the office day, Helen (and the PCrefurb team) sourced and set up all the necessary elements of equipment to give us a screen, linked to a tiny Raspberry Pi that used a simple on/off switch and continued to run until it was switched off. This was exactly what we needed and, for us, was amazing.
When other offices saw this they immediately asked if they could also run this in their offices and we have commissioned the PCrefurb group to supply these for us.
October 2019″

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