Dale is on the digital road to success

Long term unemployment is distressing and debilitating. For Dale, 18 months without work led to mental health problems “I’d been out of work for far too long,” he explains “I’d reached the point where my anxiety was so bad I didn’t even want to answer the phone.”

Dale was referred by his local Jobcentre Plus to Richard Pundick in the Greater Manchester Working Well (Work and Health Programme) team. The programme, delivered by Ingeus, provides tailored support to individuals with disabilities and health conditions who are seeking employment.

As well as supporting him with his CV and interview techniques, Richard organised online anxiety workshops for Dale to attend. However, Dale’s lack of a computer was proving a difficult barrier to overcome.
Dale recalls, “I was on Universal Credit and couldn’t afford a laptop, so I was using my phone for everything. It was hard because I kept getting distracted with notifications coming through”.

PCrefurb In Partnership with Ingeus

This is where PCrefurb stepped in. Since June 2021 PCrefurb has been working in partnership with Ingeus to support participants on their Work and Health Programme through the provision of PCs and laptops. To date, PCrefurb has received 41 referrals from Ingeus.

Dale received a refurbished Dell laptop in November and two months into his new job in a local bar Dale is grateful for the support he received. He says, “Thank you to PCrefurb for the computer as it helped when my finances were too low to even consider buying one.

Corporate Social Responsibility in Action

Dale’s laptop was part of a significant donation of devices from a large international company committed to helping address digital exclusion. Their vice-president told us:

“We want to help connect communities across the country and ensure people of all ages and backgrounds can fully experience and take part in the digital world. We are committed to working with our partners to close the gap and ensuring no-one is left behind’.

Can you help?

One of the biggest challenges faced by PCrefurb is maintaining a stock of equipment suitable for refurbishment. Donations of laptops, tablets and smartphones are always gratefully received from individuals and businesses.

To find out more, visit our equipment donation page.

To read Dale’s story in full visit Ingeus news.

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