“Now more than ever, internet access is a lifeline – not a luxury” *

Given our experiences globally over the last 12 months, few people would disagree with this statement. But, what happens when accessing the internet isn’t possible as purchasing I.T. equipment isn’t an option? This is when PCrefurb steps in.

PCrefurb was set up to support those individuals and organisations unable to buy their own PCs, laptops, or tablets, by refurbishing and then giving away, donated equipment.

As a charity we rely on the generosity of others, this can be members of our community dropping off an unwanted device or businesses providing substantial amounts of equipment when they upgrade their I.T. systems.

In March 2021 we received 50 Lenovo laptops from Ashfield Healthcare Communications via an initiative led by Talent Rise (an International charity foundation tackling youth unemployment).

This fantastic donation has already been changing lives.

At the end of March four laptops were delivered to Ameera Fletcher, Director of Cre8, a Macclesfield based charity providing support to young people and their families thereby enabling them to engage with their community.

Ashfield laptops to Cre8

Also in March, three laptops were delivered to Mary Olanrewaju of Equal Education Chances, a Manchester based charity educating children and young people living with disabilities.

In April a further four were received by Jo Saunders of Engage, a Tameside based charity working with vulnerable young adults. Jo told us that the laptops will help them: “to connect digitally to access learning in basic digital and many other skills/courses, fill in forms, connect with others, and join in with digitally based activities. This group of people are often digitally excluded and struggle to access some services that others find helpful.”

Ashfield Laptops to Equal Education Chances
Equal Education Chances

A final mention in this blog goes to Hope Hill Foundation, a dynamic charity working in Greater Manchester and Ghana. Here is one very happy recipient of a laptop:

*Eleanor Sarpong, Deputy Director and Policy Lead, Alliance for Affordable Internet, April 15th 2020.

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