Project: Derbyshire County Council, Thriving Communities

Since 2020 we have worked with the Derbyshire County Council Thriving Communities programme.

Thriving Communities obtains laptops and computers that are no longer needed by Council employees. With the help of the DCC IT department, the computers are transferred to PCrefurb. Our role is to refurbish them and carry out software installations before returning them to Thriving Communities. They are then be redistributed to those most in need in the community.

This project continues to be an environmental success as it means DCC do not have to dispose of the computers; a social success in that the computers go to those in greatest need, supported by Thriving Communities; and a success for PCrefurb in that we have a specific task for our volunteers to work on. This was particularly beneficial during the 2020 and 2021 lockdowns when by ensuring safe working practices and social distancing a team of 7 were able to work with shared purpose.

Some of the computers were destined for those who were particularly affected by the lockdown including school students with no access to equipment at home, job seekers, those who were isolating for clinical reasons. These groups are those that PCrefurb support in our everyday work, so our volunteers were particularly keen to support this work and make a difference.

Projects and Case Studies

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