RedKey USB supports PCrefurb

As a charity reliant on donations of IT equipment to refurbish and redistribute to those in need, we place the highest priority on data security.

Donor attitudes vary greatly: some give us devices with no data at all, such as laptops with no drives, or drives that have been erased; some give us phones and tablets that have been reset; others give us devices and ask us to erase their data for them and request evidence to prove that we have done so – all generously given to help those who are digitally excluded from accessing everyday services and opportunities that the majority of us take for granted.

Supported by Redkey USB

Our attitude does not vary. We have always employed professional, industry standard methods of data erasure whilst keeping our processes under constant review.

Recently we reached out to London-based global cyber security company RedKey USB, winners of the 2023 Computing Security Awards Security Project of the Year Private Sector. Serving customers in over 120 countries, their data erasure software adheres to the highest standards and holds multiple international certifications for erasing both hard drives and mobile devices, including from ADISA which is ICO approved.

We were bowled over to be contacted straight back by RedKey USB with the generous offer of allowing us to use their platform for free in recognition of the work of our charity and the importance we place on comprehensively refurbishing IT equipment.

We are absolutely delighted to be able to use this software in the knowledge that we can erase to the highest certified standards; it does everything we need and more, and we have access to great support from the RedKey USB team. We look forward to training our dedicated volunteer refurbishers and we are immensely grateful to Gareth Owen, Director at RedKey USB, and his team for their generous support of PCrefurb in our efforts to ‘bridge the digital divide’.

Every device erased, refurbished and redistributed can and does change lives.

If you might be able to support PCrefurb with donated IT equipment, please get in touch. What may no longer be useful for you may help someone who has nothing. Thank you.

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